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The Group operates two production plants at Guanshan Industrial Park and Yanxi Industrial Park in Changtai County, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. The following map shows the approximate geographical location of the two production plants:

Both production plants are strategically located close to Zhangzhou city and Xiamen City, a major transportation hub in Fujian Province. With well-developed highway transportation networks connecting to these two cities, the travel distances from Guanshan Industrial Park to Zhangzhou City and Xiamen City are about 17.5 km and 69.7 km and from Yanxi Industrial Park are about 35.6 km and 63.8 km respectively. The proximity of the Group’s production plants to these two cities enables the Group to deliver products to its customers located there efficiently. The network of highways connecting Xiamen City and other major cities in Fujian such as Quanzhou and Fuzhou also facilitate the development of customers in these areas.